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Beautiful Industrial Wedding Venues in Toronto

As Torontonians we're lucky enough to live in a city with so many beautiful historic buildings that have incredible character. Industrial venues are a popular venue choice due to their unique charm. The gorgeous exposed brick, high ceilings, exposed beams, and lofty feel all tend to give a very grand, yet cozy and intimate ambiance.

I've narrowed down (in no particular order) what I think are 5 of the most stunning true industrial wedding venues in our city.

(This is by no means a comprehensive list. So if you know of other hidden gems that I missed, please feel free to comment.)


Located in the heart of the city with easy highway & hotel access this venue is a no brainer if you're looking for the industrial vibe. Steamwhistle features beautiful exposed brick, high ceilings, and of course Steamwhistle Pilsner.


This building is as old as they come. Built in 1907, with an addition in 1910, the space only became home to events in the last few years. The 6th floor space features the exposed brick & loft feel, and lends itself to a candlelit, romantic atmosphere. Bonus - the venue also has a 7th floor rooftop that overlooks the city (however, they have a strict "no music" policy on the roof).


This venue tends to check all the right boxes. It has a location in the historic distillery district which is perfect (albeit typically tourist filled) for photos, high ceilings and gorgeous exposed concrete walls which are transformed incredibly with different lighting hues and decorative additions, and lastly it has a bigger capacity than most - it can hold up to 300 for a seated dinner reception.


If you're having trouble trimming your guest list, but don't want to sacrifice on your dream of an industrial wedding, look no further. Evergreen Brickworks is situated amongst beautiful lush ravines and greenery, while also giving the industrial city feel with exposed brick and graffiti tagged walls. This stunning, airy, venue is your go to if you're looking to seat 300+ for a reception, while also having beautiful separate ceremony and cocktail spaces.

#5. 99 SUDBURY

If you're looking for a venue in the west-end that gives you: exposed brick, high ceilings, multiple spaces (for ceremony + reception) higher reception seating capacity + much more... look no further than 99 Sudbury. The space provides a blank canvas that can be incredibly decorated, lit & styled, or left beautifully simple.


Elte Market & The Food Dudes have teamed up to bring you a stunning new event space - CANVAS.

The 50,000 Sq Ft space is modern with a mix of glam & industrial. It features high ceilings, exposed piping and beautiful floors and wall details. The space comes of as incredibly sleek, without being too over the top. Plus, with the Food Dudes catering you cannot go wrong, This venue is brand new as of 2016, which gives you a rare opportunity to choose a venue that hasn't yet been overdone.

Photo Cred: Canvas Venue Website

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