Throughout the process of planning my own wedding I was inspired by so many wonderful & incredibly talented professionals. Their drive, creativity and skill left me in awe. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this crazy, beautiful wedding world.

I decided to put my Event Coordinating & Marketing background to use and bring my passion project to life.  


This is how Ivana James & co was born. 


I grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario. I moved to Toronto in my early twenties to take on one of my first jobs in advertising as an Event Coordinator.

Currently during the week, I spend my 9-5 days working in Marketing Strategy. In the evenings & weekend is when the event planning magic happens. 

I am a mama, a wife, and animal rescue advocate. In my down-time I am a real-estate and home design junkie, food and wine enthusiast, and live for travel. I believe that seeing the world broadens your horizons and opens your eyes & imagination. 

My ideal Friday night is: me at home in sweats, glass of wine in hand, fireplace crackling, some sort of acoustic music playing, and my husband cooking a fresh pasta.