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Throughout the process of planning my own wedding I was inspired by so many wonderful & incredibly talented professionals. Their drive, creativity and skill left me in awe. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this crazy, beautiful wedding world.

I decided to put my Event Coordinating & Marketing background to use and bring my passion project to life.  


This is how Ivana James & co was born. 


I grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario. I moved to Toronto in my early twenties to take on one of my first jobs in advertising as an Event Coordinator.

Currently during the week, I spend my 9-5 days working in Marketing Strategy. In the evenings & weekend is when the event planning magic happens. 

I am a mama, a wife, and animal rescue advocate. In my down-time I am a real-estate and home design junkie, food and wine enthusiast, and live for travel. I believe that seeing the world broadens your horizons and opens your eyes & imagination. 

My ideal Friday night is: me at home in sweats, glass of wine in hand, fireplace crackling, some sort of acoustic music playing, and my husband cooking a fresh pasta.



I also grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, and have spent the past 15 years working in both the Ski & Snowboard industry, as well as the Competitive Dance world. 

Working in competitive dance my focus was on events - Dance Competitions. Chaos, high energy, heightened emotions, and 16 hour days were the norm. And while I loved it, I am ready shift my focus, and channel my energy into Weddings. 

When I'm not working you can find me mostly outdoors snowboarding with my husband and friends, taking our pup Stevie on long hikes on the trails, or maybe popping into a craft brewery for a drink. 

Fun fact: My favourite place in the world is the West Coast (BC) and if I could transport my family & everyone I love, I'd live there in a heart beat. 

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